What we do...?

We Build Streamlined Client Acquisition Systems For High Ticket - Service Based Local Businesses

Lead Generation

finding the best possible leads via Targeted ads & presnting them the best possible offer

Sales Funnels

Guide leads through a detailed journey in order to qualify & warm them up so they will be redy to convert

Killer Offer

Craft an offer so good people will feel stupid saying no


Streamline the business operations on the client acquisition process and let it all run smoothly

Referral System

Leveraging existing clients to get even more clients without doing/spending anything

Ai Follow Ups

Following up, sending reminders & automate parts of the funnel in order to save time and increase efficiency with a trained Ai rep

Lead Magnet

Provide value for your audience and potential clients to give them a reason to engage with you

How we do it...?

We Leverage The Power Of Technology

By Implementing SaaS & Proper Marketing

Killer Offer

First we study and learn your business guidelines and process to make sure we craft a killer offer that sets you apart from everyone else according to your specific business and abilities

we go over all the reason why the client can say NO and we eliminate them to make sure they have no other option but choosing you.

Lead Magnet

The best way to make a lead understand that he will get value from you after you buy, is to give them something before they buy.

you will differentiate yourself from the market & competitors by creating familiarity first & providing value

this way people will choose to engage with you and will want to work with you since you provide more

Lead Generation By Targeted Ads

then, we study and learn your audience to figure out how to get them to enter you funnel

we are going to use the irresistible offer as our main selling point, then we will test offers, ads & audiences to figure out the best way to make them click the ad

once we done that, we are going to scale the campagin to generate as many quality leads possible

Sales Funnels

Each lead will go through a detailed funnel that fits your business guidelines & offer. This is the leads journey before it becomes a client,

in this journey it will be qualified, and provided with value to:

show that we care and want to help in any way

build familiaritiy and trust with the lead

qualifying the lead to make sure its not a waste of money, time & energy

Ai Reps & Follow Ups

Following up with leads is the most important thing to do after nurturing them & getting them to engage with you

We will create a follow up sequence tailored to your needs to make sure that all the lost leads convert and take one more step towards becoming your client

We will also have an Ai representative specifically trained to work for your company that will contact leads and book appts for you

Automating Your Systems

We will use automation to automated the client acquisition process, the leads will be generated, qualified, booked to your calendar & followed up without any of your intervention,

This way you can focus on other part of the business and scale it, or focus on other parts in life.

Referral System

Its always better that other people to will tell others about your service because there more of them than you

So we will leverage your existing clients to get even more clients by creating a referral system

When you have referrals that consistently generate you clients, it means that you are consistently growing, 1 tells 3, 3 tell 6, 6 tell 9 & so on

Want To See How It Works?

Lets hop on a quick call & we will be able to show you, no obligations on your end. We will reveal our strategy & acquisition system

You will get to see our ads, funnels, follow ups, automations, landing pages etc.

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